EYE Chart Radio
EYE Chart Radio: 02.06.2016

This Week:

The Tim Cook Town Hall
Tablet Talk
Odds & Ends, including:
- Google Play Music Plays Podcasts
- Walt Wants to Break Up (iTunes)

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EYE Chart Radio: 01.30.2016

- Recapping the First Quarter of Fiscal Year 2016 for Apple
- The Previous 10 Years for Apple and the Next 10
- Odds and Ends Including
-- Trouble for Project Titan
-- Baby You Can Rent My Car
-- Apple Pencil and the Next iPad Air

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EYE Chart Radio: 01.23.2016

This week Mike and Ken play with

- KnowMe

- Adobe Voice

- Live Loops in GarageBand for iOS

- Music Memos

Plus TONS of listener feedback and odds and ends!

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EYE Chart Radio: 01.16.2016

This week we remember David Bowie... that is just who and how we are. Also, we hit Apple news. That is also how we are. Topics include:

- Why we do not want Apple to buy Time Warner
- Encryptionmageddon 2016
- Odds and Ends

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EYE Chart Radio: 01.09.2016

For the first show of 2016, we trace the downhill sleigh ride for Apple shares. Where is the critical thinking? Search us! Also - what should Apple buy (if anything), and could Apple have slow the slide down? All of that driven by listener feedback.

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