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This week BigJD and Lippo discuss Apple's new hardware announcement, watch bands, software and more. As well we delve into moves in the US Senate that may affect your internet privacy.

All that, and much more!

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This week we have Mark Fuccio on the show filling in for Allison Sheridan. We talk about iPhone's smartphone market share around the world, Apple hitting it's Services revenue target, the spring iPad event and Apple is guilty of acting like Apple....all that and much, MUCH more...

...because sometimes we don't know when to shut up.


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This week Chuck Joiner and I discuss the Wikileaks/CIA story and what does it mean for our privacy. Is our government just trying to keep us safe? Do I want my government able to record my conversations without me knowing while I'm in the same room as my Samsung smart TV?

Apple locking down the AppStore even tighter...or are they?....and is the answer to our battery problems just around the corner? All that and more on this week's episode of EyeChart Radio.


Chuck Joiner and Mike LaPlante

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The man who started this podcast, Ken Ray joins us this week as we talk about the love affair that is Apple stock and investors. Some video news also creeps in there as well as the technological singularity. 

All that and more...enjoy!

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This week we're talking with a true Apple aficionado and socialite; Barry Fulk. On the show we talk about the rumoured Apple event that is supposedly taking place next month...what we'll possibly be seeing there and what not to expect. We also take a trip with Barry to India and get more insight into why Apple sees this as the next place they have to be.

We also talk iOS app compatibility, how reputable of a company Apple is and so much more!


This week's show is brought to you by Blue Apron. A better way to cook.

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This week Adam Christianson from the Mac Cast joins us. We talk about a bunch of stories that came out this past week dealing with Apple Music. We also talk about the dorkiest thing Apple almost did and will we be charging our phones wirelessly in the near future? All that, and so much more!

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This week BigJD joins us as we talk about iPhones in India, Tim Cook's trip to Europe and whether or not we'll be considering Apple's latest earbuds - BeatsX.

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EyeChart Radio for February 4, 2017

This week Allison Sheridan from The NosillaCast joins us and we talk about Apple's Q1 2017 earnings call, The Donald's Immigration Executive Order and would Apple deliberately break something to force you to upgrade? All that and so much more. Enjoy!

Show Notes

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This week Chuck Joiner and I talk about his Vegas Extravaganza and the spectacle that is CES. We also discuss a few stories about developers that popped up in the past week and also about Mac sales decline for the first time in 16 years.

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This week on EyeChart Radio we have Ken Ray on the show and it's like Old Home Week up in here.

We talk about the Age of Apple, the aforementioned company and their foray into the original video content arena and Ken and I sing a song of Samsung.

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