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This week The MacCast's Adam Christianson joins us on the show. This week we talk about Apple and their foray into the entertainment industry. We also talk about Tim Cook's fight for the Dreamers and what the business model may look like in the very near future for autonomous driving.

All that and so much more. Enjoy!

Adam and Mike

Here's the link to the video of Tony Sreba talking about the disruption autonomous driving will create.

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This week we have BigJD on the show and we talk about Tim Cook's barnstorming tour and his message of Moral Responsibility. We also talk about Apple's event that is to take place on September 12.

Apple wins an Emmy, Marshall doesn't just do guitar amplifiers and do we really need a TouchBar on our MacBook? All that and so much more...enjoy!

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This week we have David Ginsburg from the In Touch With iOS podcast. David and I discuss Apple's Titan project, the secure enclave being comprimised, a little gadget that will brute force you iPhone 7, where have all the iTunes U collections gone and Siri is getting all grown up.

All that and so much more on this week's episode of EyeChart Radio.


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This week Chuck Joiner is on the show and we talk about the fallout from this weeks events in Charlottesville, VA as it pertains to tech. We also talk about Apple's commitment to get into original television content production, the brief that a tech consortium, including Apple, has submitted to the Supreme Court concerning the data on your smartphone and is the Apple Watch ever going to replace your iPhone? 

All that, and so much more. Enjoy!


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This week we have the incomparable Ken Ray from the MacOS Ken podcast joining on us the show talking about what he knows best: Star Trek and Apple shares and earnings calls.

Lots of anecdotes and laughs from Mr. Ray as he tells of his Las Vegas odyssey.

Always tons of fun having Ken on the show...enjoy!

Ken Ray and Mike LaPlante

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We're back from summer vacation and we're ready to get back into this thing. This week we have Mr. Barry Fulk on the show.

Barry and I discuss Apple's Q3 earnings call, how a firmware update for an unreleased piece of hardware can give us clues to yet another unreleased (and unannounced) product, VPN apps in China and why the leader of the free world wants to tell the world about phone conversations that never took place.

All that and so much more. Enjoy!


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Jeff Gamet from the MacObserver joins me this week in his hometown of Boulder, CO.

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This week from the road, I had the opportunity to visit Victor Cajiao in the remote farmlands of South Dakota. Elkton, to be precise. This isolated town seems to be the antithesis of where Victor lived in grew up; southern California and the L.A. scene.

But it's where we found him and he couldn't be happier. We talked tech, music and podcasting.


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During the Dog Days of Tech News, this week has Adam Christianson from the MacCast and I discussing Apple's push to have folks buy an iPad Pro instead of a computer.

We also make fun of Samsung's Bixby virtual assistant and Adam shares his experience at this year's Nerdtacular.

I must also give Adam big props for basically saving the show. Once we were done recording the show, I realized that my recording of the show was non-existent. So we used Adam's recording of our Skype call. Phew...so if you notice the show sounding a little different this week, that is why.

Also, please visit my Patreon page if you can help me offset some of the costs of producing this podcast. I'd appreciate it very much. Thanks!

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This week BigJD and I talk about our recollections of when the first iPhone came out 10 years ago. We also talk about the partnerships that are forming between car rental companies and the tech companies behind the automotive self-driving initiatives.

We also touch on a survey that says Windows folks are really wanting to switch to the Mac and how can we all just chill to our Apple Music?

All that and more...enjoy.


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