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EyeChart Radio - May 27, 2017

On this special long May holiday weekend, we are joined by Richard Gunther from the Digital Media Zone and the HomeOn podcast.

We talk about nothing but a rumor...the rumor that was started this week about Apple announcing an Amazon Echo competitor. Would you buy one? If it has an Apple on it, are you there?


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This week The MacCast's Adam Christianson joins me on the show. We talk about Apple's latest updates and how important security awareness is now in light of the WannaCry ransomeware news this past couple of weeks.

We also talk about Apple's Health strategy and how far they are going to take it. "Keeping our customers living longer" seems to be their motto.

Odd & Ends too! Enjoy!

Links from the show:

Steven Levy's article on Apple Park

Angela Ehrendt's Interview for LinkedIn


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This week BigJD and I discuss Amazon's Echo Show and whether or not Apple should get into this segment and if they already have plans to do so. 

We also talk about Apple's acquisition of Beddit and what part this plays in Apple HealthKit strategy. All that, and so much more.


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EyeChart Radio - May 6, 2017

This week Ken Ray and I try to have a show based solely on Apple's Q2 2017 earning call. Amazing how some plans can just go astray.

We also end up talking about Tim Cook and Mad Money's Jim Cramer getting together, Apple's $1B in Advanced Manufacturing and what exactly is that?...and do we have to forever remain vigilant for the prospect of never having a backdoor on our devices.

Ken's perspective is as entertaining as ever! Enjoy.

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