EYE Chart Radio
EYE Chart Radio: 09.24.2016

Mike and Ken talk:

- Elusive iPhone Sales Numbers

- The Firery Hell-Scape that is Samsung Galaxy Note 7

- When It Stinks to Be an Apple Partner

- Apple Execs: As Seen on TV

- What is in Mike's Ears?

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EYE Chart Radio: The Podcast the Astronauts Drink

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EYE CHart Radio: 09.17.2016

This week, Mike and Ken talk new operating systems for watches and phones, the graduation of the Samsung story to story status, and a few pieces of listener feedback.

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EYE Chart Radio: 09.10.2016

This week, Mike and Ken talk over the announcements from this week's Apple media event. Plus, where is Ken and why? All will be revealed on this edition of EYE Chart Radio!

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Mac OS Ken: 09.03.2016

This week Mike and Ken talk:

- Apple Watch 2
- The Next iPhone
- EC Feedback
- CBS All Access Ad-Free (with Promotional Interruptions)

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