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Taking the week off for the holidays. From all of us here at EyeChart Radio, we'd like to wish you a very happy New Year!


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On this week's show it's BigJD's debut on EyeChart Radio! We discuss internal conflicts inside Apple that has proved to have a negative affect on quality AND customer's expectations. We also talk about Apple Music as a promoter and target disk mode to access that computer you stole.


All that and so much more. Enjoy!


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This week marks Allison Sheridan's debut on the show. We talk about tech in the USA and the jobs that it can create, all the while trying not to be too political. We also discuss Apple's updates for their devices and what Allison will be sticking in her ears come this Christmas. That and so much more. Enjoy!

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This is the first episode of Eye Chart Radio with host Mike LaPlante at the helm. Mike's first co-host is Chuck Joiner from over at MacVoices.

This week Mike and Chuck discuss Apple's public admission to be interested in the "car space". Yet another player in the full-on music streaming service biz and do you want Uber to know where you're at after you get out of one of their cars?

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EYE Chart Radio: 12.03.2016

This week, Mike and Ken talk:


- Gifts from Apple we will and will not get

- Abandoned hardware

- The secret life of Siri


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EYE Chart Radio: 11.26.2016

Mike and Ken push one more week before the big hand-off. 

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EYE Chart Radio: 11.05.2016

This week:

- TV Trouble
- More Mac Murmuring
- Apple Watch heads to Kohl's
- Rumor of Apple Music Price Cut
- KGI's Young MC on Apple and AR
- A Big Announcement for Ace and Big Time

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EYE Chart Radio: 10.29.2016

This week, Mike and Ken talk "hello again" and hit on the earnings call.

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EYE Chart Radio: 10.22.2016

This week, Ken and Mike talk about:

- The upcoming "hello again" event
- iPhone problems that are not problems
- The changing face of Apple auto plans
- Playing with fiery phones
- TC for VP
- The dangers of a world without Twitter

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EYE Chart Radio: 10.15.2016

This week, Ace and Big Time try to beat back the fiery hell scape that is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Disastermageddongate. Then they field a ton of listener feedback. And finally, Odds and Ends covering Amazon's new music service, Apple's attention to the Mac, and Apple Watch heart rate accuracy. All mashed up.

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