EYE Chart Radio
EYE Chart Radio: 10.31.2015

Segment 1 - The Earnings Call

Segment 2 - The Apple TV Process

Segment 3 - The Failure of Steve Jobs

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EYE Chart Radio: 10.24.2015

- Making the World a Better Place
- Making the World an Ad-Free Place
- Making the World a Visual Place

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EYE Chart Radio: 10.17.2015

On this week's show:

- Remembering IFO Apple Store's Gary Allen
- The Case for the 16GB iPhone
- New Hardware from Apple
- Biver Kind of Sort of Gets Apple Watch


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EYE Chart Radio: 10.10.2015

This week we talk iPhone installment plans, the turning tide in tablets (or not), and going back on the Watch watch.

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EYE Chart Radio: 10.03.2015

On this week's show - an actual show, incluing:
- First weekend iPhone 6s/6s Plus slaes
- Mike plays with the iPhone 6s itself
- Apple taketh away from the App Store

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