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EYE Chart Radio: 07.25.2015

This week: The Search for Meaning - via Apple news

- Apple Earnings and Wall Street Reaction

- Turning Numbers Into Stories

- Apple Music: Pundits and Politicians

- Apple v. Klutz

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EYE Chart Radio: 07.19.2015

This week - Ken and Mike talk Apple over-the-top TV possibilities, the desire for a new iPod for no good reason, and one reason iAd does not catch on. Plus listener feedback and a lot of talk about a story we are not talking about. 

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EYE Chart Radio: 07.11.2015

On the show this week: 

- The crazy Apple Watch sales story

- The colossal iPhone build

- Opther People's Music

- A thought on the Apple packaging push

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EYE Chart Radio: 07.04.2015

A look this week at the Swift/Cue shuffle, Apple Music, Beats 1, and the removal of the Confederate battle flag from the App Store. It's a bumber/sounder/stinger edition of EYE Chart Radio.

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