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EYE Chart Radio: 10.25.2014

This week, Ken Ray and Mike LaPlante talk over Apple 4Q Earnings and not getting the iPad + What we hear about Apple Pay + The busy week for Apple in China.

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EYE Chart Radio: 10.18.2014

This week Mike LaPlante and Ken Ray kick around the most recent Apple media event, wil.i.am's Puls, and the Macworld/iWorld hiatus. They also kick around Bono! 

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This week Mike LaPlante and Ken Ray kick around the 10-16 Apple event, the GTAT bankruptcy and fallout, bigger than big Mac sales, and the NFL beats up on players wearing Beats. All of that and Thanksgiving greetings on this week's EYE Chart Radio. 

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EYE Chart Radio: 10.04.2014

This week Mike LaPlante and Ken Ray put bendgate to bed, talk over product rumor and speculation, wonder over a possible deal Apple is trying to work with the record labels, and address a couple of emails on a possible bad month for Apple.

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