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EYE Chart Radio: 12.27.2104

EYE Chart Radio wraps the year with between 6 and 13 top stories of 2014.

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EYE Chart Radio: 12.20.2014

Can you hear the EYE Chart? This week: The Wacky World of Wall Street + Supply Chain Ugliness + The Court Report + Email from a guy


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EYE Chart Radio: 12.13.2014

Ken Ray and Mike LaPlante are the EYE Chart Radio Experience. This week: Walking in a retail wonderland - a look at three leaders - answering an email - Apple TV 2 is going to live on a farm 

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EYE Chart Radio: 12.06.2014

18 Shopping Days to Christmas - Seems as good a day as any to catch up with Ken Ray and Mike LaPlanet on EYE Chart Radio. This week: 

- Thinking Different about Apple

- More iPod, less iPhone

- A call about Apple Watch

- Trainign for Apple VR

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EYE Chart Radio: 11.22.2014

This week: Upgrades for Apple, what is Apple making in 2016, Apple killing imaginary children, and we are making the Steve Jobs movie! Plus being guilted into saving the world. All of that and more on this edition of EYE Chart Radio!

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EYE Chart Radio: 11.15.2014

Weeks ahead of Christmas, Mike LaPlante and Ken Ray kick around the blackness that is Black Friday. Then they attack the Masque Attack, hit the Apple assault on business, and wonder about sharing too much via tech. Read along in EYE Chart Magazine! Find it on iOS Newsstand now.

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EYE Chart Radio: 11.08.2014

Join Mike LaPalnte and Ken Ray as they discuss the changing face of the music industry, the changing face of the enterprise, and the the changing face of device usage. 

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EYE Chart Radio: 11.01.2014

This week, Mike LaPlante and Ken ray talk over Tim Cook coming out, the CurrentC morass, the attack of the feature watches, and dressing like a cowboy whenever you want. Plus - the last howl of the wolf. This is EYE Chart Radio.

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EYE Chart Radio: 10.25.2014

This week, Ken Ray and Mike LaPlante talk over Apple 4Q Earnings and not getting the iPad + What we hear about Apple Pay + The busy week for Apple in China.

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EYE Chart Radio: 10.18.2014

This week Mike LaPlante and Ken Ray kick around the most recent Apple media event, wil.i.am's Puls, and the Macworld/iWorld hiatus. They also kick around Bono! 

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